The Team

Chief Operating Officer

Co-founder of Project A.N.D and owner of Bless Graphix as well as Money Talks Tax. I have been serving my community through my tax and graphics services for over a decade, I believe in the future generations and the importance of investing in them not only by finances but by example and opportunity. Look forward to collaborating with those who have the same values.

Chief Sales Officer

Sheri Michele is the CEO of Sudden Success Business Solutions. She is a Keynote Speaker, Author and Avid Investor. She is a graduate of DeKalb Technical College with a degree in Accounting, and has over fifteen years experience in business growth and development.

Chief Technical Officer

Richard N McDonald-Jackson, is the CO-Founder and CEO of TNG TECHNOLOGIES LLC & TNG CORRIDOR. Rich brings over 25 years of experience in the tech arena, and firmly believes in the philosophy of each one teach one!!


Member Relations

Hello My name is Francina. I am an eclectic entrepreneur. I love to learn and help others. With my strong creative thinking and solutions skills, I want to network, create a safe and prosperous community. While prioritizing Peace, Health and Happiness. Regards, Francina Tjd

Collaborative Admin

My name is Tasha Almodovar I am a single mother of 4 beautiful children. I enjoy meeting new people and helping in any way possible to make a difference. I have recently started a new business to help teach others of the importance of financial literacy which includes credit repair. My goal is to reach as many people as I can to help them become financially literate so they increase their credit score. While improving their credit, I’ll teach everything there is to know about credit and the scoring system. The goal is to leave the program with less negative accounts, no outstanding past due debts and higher scores and financial freedom.

Youth Coordinator

My name is Isaiah Christopher ; Youth Co Ordinator for Project A.N.D CEO and founder of Empire Housing LLC, Born and raised in Tampa, FL , I’m dedicated to educating and empowering our younger generation of the sunshine state in financial freedom. Regards, Francina Tjd

Event Coordinator

Deirdre Quinones started her first business in 2014 in the health & fitness industry. Beauty & a Beast Fitness is geared towards nutrition, personal training, group classes, and weight lost challenges. She started her second business in December 2019, in the fashion industry. Owning an international business featuring personalized custom garments, as well as other boutiques favorites. Later on in 2021, she began a third business with a friend doing party rentals. She has been blessed to be successful in all her business adventures, while still being a stay at home mom of four. Regards,