PROJECT A.N.D. commonly known as "policy Kings"  is a group designed to assist those who dont get the support and backing needed to bring their grand ideas into manifestation.  Whether it's a lack of funding, or access to resources, we are here to help those underserved and under-scored.  At PROJECT A.N.D. we pick up the slack annd connect the dots for success.



In the age of information, access is not the issue, delivery is.  We believe the answer to the problem is our communities, local business owners, and program leaders coming together to deliver a wider more diverse message of progress and positivity.  We are building a community to raise our community.


By coming together as a community we collectively are able to offer a more comprehensive "One stop shop" for those looking to improve their situations as well as address more of the issues that present themselves as obstacles. Stronger together than alone.


We are responsible for OURSELVES. Unity is the key to growth. By pooling resources we then create more resources thereby rebuilding our communities.


Add as many language packs as you want, to showcase your website across the entire globe.

Who we are

Welcome to Project A.N.D. we are a collective of business professionals connecting to build a hub of information and resources to build and support black business.

What we do

One of our many goals is to create a financial literacy program for the black community as a whole. A blueprint to help new and professional entrepreneurs navigate through the hurdles of starting and running a successful business. Each individual holds information or resources the other may lack.


Our mission is to connect the dots we have amongst our own collection of bright individuals, harness that power into action, and eventually start expanding functionong businesses while finding funding and education for our startup businesses.

Get Connected

Become Part Of Our Growing Community. 

Share your knowledge.

Power in numbers

building the community is what we are here for. With your expertise and professional background you can influence or help the next entrepreneur.

We Help Start-ups and Established Businesses Alike

We’ll also help small businesses or thriving businesses with marketing and promotions.

Real Estate Study Groups

Have you been looking to get your Real Estate License? Come Study With Us!!!!



Bronze Membership

       30 Min coaching session for Incorporation assistance 

       Establish EIN (Once LLC has been established)

       Assistance with 15 sec Elevator Pitch

       30 Min coaching Session on Work/Life Balance

       Entry into Events hosted by Project And

      Opportunity to present company to other members of our community 



Silver Membership

       All Items from Level One Plus…

       Assistance with Business Plan

       Business Logo Development

       Resources for business address and phone 

       Vision and Mission Statement Creation 

       30 Min coaching session on Business Niche & Target Market 



Gold Membership

       All Items from Level One and Two Plus…

30 Min Coaching Session on Business Credit Development

       Assistance with Business Budgeting 

       Set Up a Sales Webinar for company 

       One Page Website or Funnel for Company 

       One hour coaching session on hiring to grow company  

Building The Community

Lack of proper education, resources and opportunity has devastated us as a whole, by making these readily accessible and life long options we can and will rebuild our communities through entrepreneurship. 

Learn To Build An Sustainable Business

With the right resources and an knowledgable base of entreprenuers, you can begin to build a sustainable business.

Teach Other Young Entreprenuers

Do you have the skills and tolerance to help the next generation to build wealth and wisdom to navigatgte the investor and entreprenuerial landscape.

Let Us Feature Your Business

Do you need to get your brand out there, we can feature your business, and let the power of nettworking work for you!!

Group Investing

With the power of numbers, together we can invest in multiple investments. Each one teach one is one of our mottos. Togeher ewe can succeed!!

Rescue support

In time, gathering awesome feedback from our loyal customers, Kallyas became a mature, stable and future-proof project.

e-Commerce Ready

In time, gathering awesome feedback from our loyal customers, Kallyas became a mature, stable and future-proof project.

Project A.N.D Statistics
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We believe in the power of numbers, together we succeed!!
Some of The Companies We Work With.
“A river cuts through rock, not because of its power,
but because of its persistence.”
James N. Watkins
“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.”
Edmund Hillary

Whether you’re interested in working with us or for us, we’re always happy to chat.
For Inquiries: (500) 123-0800.